Lost in the Pacific Northwest

Tamawanas Falls

My apologies for the belated post. I've been pretty busy lately. Back in December my friend and I decided to snowshoe to Tamawanas Falls. We'd seen pictures online and it looked beautiful. We got to the trailhead around 10 am... Continue Reading →


Best of 2017

A hiking Facebook group I follow is doing best of posts for 2017. Each member is supposed to select their favorite photo of each month and post it. I liked the idea so much I thought I'd make a blog... Continue Reading →

North Gales Creek Trail

You may have noticed the new watermark on the featured image for this post. This week I was sitting at work staring at spreadsheets when an old and dear friend reached out to me. He runs an acupuncture clinic in... Continue Reading →

Boulder Lakes and Opal Creek

On the last Saturday in October my friends and I hopped in a car and headed up to Mt Hood in hopes of hiking up to the top of Bonney Butte to meet some hawk researchers and maybe some hawks as well.... Continue Reading →

Summer Adventures

When I started this blog I planned to write a post at least once a week. Even if I didn't go on an adventure that week I would post about some outdoor activity. That plan worked great from last October... Continue Reading →

Deschutes River Trail

Way back in December when I was shopping outdoor gear sales in preparation for this year's backpacking season I decided to go ahead and start planning my first backpacking trip of the year. I already knew at that time that... Continue Reading →

L.L. “Stub” Stewart State Park

After not going quite as many miles as I had planned last weekend I had some distance to make up this weekend for the Million Mile Month. I pledged to hike 40 miles this month, but so far had only made... Continue Reading →

Tahoma Trails

Last week my friend/coworker sent out an email to a few of us who like to go on outdoor adventures letting us know that two people had dropped out of a trip her family had planned to stay at the Mount... Continue Reading →

Cottonwood Canyon

My company is participating in the Million Mile Month challenge this month, so I've been looking for longer hikes to try. The mountains are still snowed in and the Gorge has been overrun with spring-fever Portlanders who are all excited to see... Continue Reading →

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